Natural Gas

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Team Fishel has been a contractor for the design, installation and maintenance of gas distribution systems for more than thirty years. Whether laying high pressure pipeline in rural areas or replacing mains and service lines in a residential neighborhood, we strive to exceed project specifications and Customer expectations on every job.

Team Fishel is responsive, reliable, and committed to safety. We provide some of the best training in the industry and Teammates who are Operator Qualified for natural gas covered tasks. Team Fishel’s Operator Qualification (OQ) program ensures that Teammates receive the most up-to-date training available on gas installation methods and safety procedures.


Steel and Cast Iron Replacement

Steel and Cast Iron ReplacementTeam Fishel specializes in helping our gas utility Customers modernize their pipeline infrastructure through replacement of aging bare steel and cast iron underground pipe. We utilize the latest software to create detailed plans and profile drawings that minimize construction time and costs for our Customers. We have developed efficient procedures that replace bare steel and cast iron with wrapped steel or plastic on both small and large scale projects. Team Fishel has replaced more than 1000 miles of bare steel and cast iron distribution pipeline for Customers throughout the United States.

Sewer Lateral Inspection

Team Fishel’s Sewer Lateral service utilizes CUES Lamp II robotic camera technology to inspect mainline sewer and service laterals. Real time imagery of each inspection run confirms that gas pipelines have not breached sewer lines and helps assure that gas line installations are safe.

Team Fishel crews insert the CUES II unit directly into the mainline sewer from the center of the road or intersection. The robotic arm and camera then work into the service lateral generating real time video imagery of the structure from house to street.

Team Fishel technicians control and monitor the robotic cameral from the Sewer Lateral Launch truck and command center. The entire inspection is conducted at street level eliminating any inconvenience to homeowners.